Google Partnership for Educational Classes

ATMS strongly believes that technology is an integral part of learning. ATMS has partnered with Google to offer classes through there education platform. Every student is assigned a college email ID and password on admission. The college email identification is used by students to access their online and class courses, email, books and academic calendars.

Industry Partnership

Industry tie-ups with industries companies in NCR region to provide internships and jobs to our students. The practical and training course on campus are customized to suit

employer requirement. College through its placement office in New Delhi, coordinates with HR managers in different industries to provide customized training to its students and thus facilitate providing internships and full-time jobs for students who have completed required curriculum and training.

Exposure Visits

Industry tie-ups with industries in NCR region. The student course is customized to suit employer requirement and college through its placement office in New Delhi coordinates with HR managers in different industries to provide internships and full-time jobs for students who have completed customized training.

Additional Training :

  • Tie up with google for education platform to provide technical education of global standards to our students.
  • Provide Books from international authors with over 10000 book technical e library.
  • Option of attaining certificate specialization courses from university of Pennsylvania and University of Washington in their specific specialization. The coursework is facilitated through local faculty and exam is taken online for certification.
  • Classes for CAD (Civil/Mech/Electrical), Solar Courses (Electrical),
  • Professional Certification — Certificate courses in civil prefabricated concrete technology for civil enginners.
  • Additional Coaching for CAT,MAT,GATE etc.

Learning Resource Centre

Library is the heart of any academic institution. The objective of the library is to provide an environment which is conducive to high quality teaching, learning and research. At ATMS, we realize this and offer excellent library facilities for students and faculty. The library at ATMS is more like integrated Knowledge Resource Centre that is stocked with over 11000 Books in paper and e-book format. The Library has access to collection of more than 100,000 educational videos focused on engineering, along with online access to data services for research reports, and Government of India Publications.

Computer Centre

ATMS provides excellent computer facilities in its state-of-art computer labs, with Dell servers, online UPS, 24x7 wi-fi enabled campus and camera security. The college is planning a tie-up with companies like TCS to conduct training in its state of the art computer labs. The lab caters to computer Courses students in different engineering and management courses. College also provide optional additional courses in CAD/CAM design, programming courses along with access to technical certificate courses offered by international institutions.