Chairman's Message

Today 68 years after independence as India gets ready to take its rightful place in the League of Nations we talk about double digit growth, competition with China and being a global power. However, we as citizens of India have to do our part, get beyond the rhetoric and transform the ideas into action. India with its 1.25 Billion people, has one of the youngest population in the world, with average age of 26 years and more than 60% of our population under 32 years. To meet the growing aspirations and needs of this young population, and for India to take advantage of this demographic dividend that is bestowed upon it, we must focus on its biggest challenge —Education.

We at ATMS are committed to do our part. We strongly believe that the reason for the ATMS's existence is to train our students for the JOBS and EMPLOYMENT. People who join professional courses like Dip. In Engg, PGDM or B.Ed are spending their hard earned money and precious time to find better career prospects and it is our moral obligation to train them in their pursuit. In today's economic environment the student faces multiple challenges to finding a job. As the scientific progress changes the world with driverless cars and 3D printed human organs, it's of utmost importance to bring the latest in Science, Management and technology to this generation of prospective Indian scientists and engineers. For this reason we have tied —up with Google for its scientific education platform. This platform allows us to provide the latest in science, technology and management to our students. The students and teachers have access to a 10000 book technical e-library bringing the most updated books and journals in global technological development within there reach.

College has also developed an Android app, which combined with the Google platform would allow the students to access there course books, classroom videos, home work assignments and subject matter videos on any smart phone/tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. For student placement and jobs, we have setup a placement center in Delhi to find jobs for students and develop relationships with industries. We are also in talks with various industry partners to develop customized training programs based on their needs to train our students who can then be placed with those employers.

We at ATMS are at a beginning of a long and exciting journey and would like to welcome you to join our family for an enriching learning experience and exciting job prospects.

Best Wishes

N. K. Agarwal