Our Mission

Our Mission at ATMS is to educate young aspirants in various technical fields to fulfill global requirements of human resources by providing sustainable quality education, training and invigorating environment also moulding them into skilled, competent and socially responsible citizens who will lead the building of a powerful nation.


ATMS vision is to develop educational and research institutions of GLOBAL STANDARD, where students can hone their intellectual, cultural and artistic skills in a vibrant environment, to become socially sensitive adults who can achieve their full personal, academic and professional potential.

Excellent Learning

ATMS students learn to recognize the worth of each person’s ideas and to appreciate diversity in all forms. This creates a nurturing and an inclusive climate of self-expression and academic exploration. ATMS encourages individual accomplishment and at the same time fosters the acceptance of intellectual, cultural, economic and religious differences.

First Choice

We think of ATMS as a special place as it is designed to be so; a welcome and supportive environment where a diverse group of young men and women can develop intellectual foundations and traits of character and leadership that will permit them, in the words of our institution’s motto, “to learn not for exams, but for life.”

Bright Prospects

ATMS close links with the employers and professional bodies ensure that they are equipped with skills that are in demand; Hence ATMS has adequate number of highly qualified professionals to cater the needs of students. Approximately 90% of ATMS graduates (of known destination) went into employment or postgraduate study / professional training.

Student Succeed

We are the best, one of our goals is to provide excellent preparation for life; our fundamental purpose is to prepare our students for contended and successful lives. We create an atmosphere in which every individual gains confidence to stand on his/her own feet, and take individual decisions to reach summits.